Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For Kashi

I bought this dreamy fabric at Metro Textiles.  I've used it for a client who fell in love with it, and now I need more.  Let's hope he still has some, or knows where to get it!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Find A Dressmaker

After SEVEN years running the Find a Dressmaker site, I will now list only the dressmakers in the New York and New Jersey areas (by FAR the busiest) publicly here.  If you are located elsewhere in the United States, contact me personally via email, and I will refer you to an appropriate dressmaker who can likely help you.  This will help to increase the efficiency of this service for all involved.

To contact me, just send me an email by clicking this link.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How do I take measurements?

How do I take measurements?

Answer: Sometimes, when there are members of a bridal party of performance group travelling to one event from different places, or you have other reasons for not being able to meet with the dressmaker, it becomes necessary to take measurements on your own. If you do not have access to a professional dressmaker or alterationist near you, you may follow the instructions provided HERE, and share the measurement method with the others, so you are all following the same rules.

How can I learn to sew?

How can I learn to sew?

Answer: Many dressmakers are also teachers. Whether you seek private lessons, a sewing retreat, or formal classes, there is sure to be someone on this site willing to help you. Visit the teachers' page for more information, or see this page to decide what type of instruction you may need.

How long will my project take?

How long will my project take?

Answer: This depends on the schedule of the dressmaker, date of the event (if applicable), the intricacy of the project, and the availability of materials to complete the item. Always allow ample time to avoid the stress of any unforseen delays.

Will I need to buy/bring a pattern?

Will I need to buy a pattern?

Answer: You may choose to buy a pattern, or the dressmaker may select one for you, based on your criteria, or, in some cases, even make a custom-designed garment for you, creating a unique pattern based on body measurements or taking them from an existing garment. You may ask the dressmaker how he/she usually works to find out which of these methods is best for your collaboration. See the inspiration page for ideas.

What is a "redesign'?

What is a "redesign"?

Answer: A "redesign" (not an official industry term) is when an existing garment is dramatically altered or dismantled, to create something quite different from the original. This is beyond the scope of traditional alterations, and usually requires a great deal of creativity and/or design skill.